An ex-dictator and the Mnangagwa regime behind the façade of legality: Effect on UK based Zimbabwean activists

There are some, who would readily dismiss without further thought Robert Mugabe’s  recent denouncements of the  military intervention of November 2017,  including  what he says happened during the  takeover.   Mugabe is  mad  they exclaim.   He is a  bitter, senile  old man they mutter  with exasperation.   That might be  substantially or wholly  true but consider for  a while,  if you will, whether there is  any shred of truth  in what he says  happened  last year:


“ ……The Central Intelligence Organisation,  many of whose members were bashed, with heads cracked and this is not an exaggeration,  some of them are missing to this day…..” 15 March 2018, SABC Digital News,

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