Undocumented Zimbabweans who have been irremovable for lack of a valid passport or ETD: Should the UK Government regularise their status?

There is a world of difference between advising a person on what they need to hear as opposed to what they want to hear.  The difference is essential- correct advice results in the taking of proper effective steps to counter and solve a particular legal problem.   Presentation of grossly sugar-coated advice simply so as to make it palatable to the hearer, in particular in the subject area of enforced removals, has the real potential of depriving a claimant of the proper advice they need in order to galvanise them into much needed action earlier on.


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Just when the Home Office thought Iraqi protection claims were well and truly buried, resurrection emanates from the Upper Tribunal

The Home Office has for well over a year been angling to throw a spanner in the works so far as continued reliance upon the guidance flowing from AA (Article 15(c)) ( Iraq CG [2015] UKUT 544 (IAC) is concerned.   The Secretary of State’s general position as set out in currently published Country Information Notes is that the security situation in Iraq has significantly improved. As is clear from those Notes, he has persistently sought to consign to the legal dustbin, the viability of continued reliance upon AA (Iraq )2015.


The Secretary of State’s currently published Information Notes on Iraq have been intended to bury the effect of AA(Iraq)2015, which has opened the doorway to a good number of Iraqi claimants succeeding in the Tribunal in their claims for protection owing to the security conditions in Iraq.


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