New Zimbabwe Country Information Note: Deliberate minimisation of real effect of current human rights violations in Zimbabwe

The UK Government wants to be seen as taking a serious position against human rights abuses in Zimbabwe through public condemnation of recent events yet refuses in practice to accept that now is not the time to subject intended returnees to intimating re-documentation interviews by Zimbabwean Embassy officials with a view to detention and removal.


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Zimbabwean failed asylum seekers: Media raises awareness of folly of UK govt’s normalisation returns policy

Alice Muzira, a lawyer, said the UK government should urgently review its position while there were still human rights violations in Zimbabwe. “Removals should be suspended and the situation in relation to safety of returns to Zimbabwe closely monitored,” she said” – the Guardian,


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Migrant Zimbabwe: Launch of a Brand New Blog!

Migrant Zimbabwe, a brand new blog  has been launched!


The blog is an off shoot from the recent flurry of posts  on this site surrounding the situation in Zimbabwe, the continuing violations of human rights  and impact of such events  upon  the thousands of undocumented Zimbabweans living in the UK.


The new blog will be a hotpot of sorts, inviting  the reader ‘s contribution to the site.


Go on, take a minute or two and visit the new site!