FGM and Trafficking Case : Rare Substantive Cart Judicial Review Claim Succeeds in the Adminstrative Court

G & H, R (on the application of) v Secretary of State for the Home Department [2016] EWHC 239 was  acknowledged by the Administrative Court to be “ one of those rare cases in which the court has given permission to proceed in an application for judicial review of an Upper Tribunal FTT permission refusal”. As was noted  by  the  Court at  paragraph  5 of their judgement, one of the   features of the case was that  the Secretary of State advanced contentions which, even though the claimant had satisfied the test identified in Cart and other procedural requirements in CPR 54.7A, would require the claimant to surmount a new substantive hurdle limiting the grounds upon which the High Court can grant judicial review.

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Gender-Specific Persecution And Harmful Traditional Practices: Is There Some Chance of Obtaining Asylum in the UK By Reference to Applicable Caselaw?

Women seeking to claim protection  in the United Kingdom arising out  of  forms of persecution  that are gender – specific such as female genital mutilation, domestic violence, crimes of honour have  to overcome  several hurdles in order to obtain  that protection in the UK.

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Are the Rights Afforded to Victims of Trafficking(and Modern Slavery) Illusory In Comparison To Those Applicable to Refugee Protection?

Recent changes in the law  mean that in England and Wales, Competent Authority decision makers must decide whether, if someone is not a victim of trafficking ,they are nonetheless a victim of another form of modern slavery.  Therefore in  addition to victims of trafficking, Modern Slavery includes victims of slavery,  victims of servitude and  victims of forced or compulsory labour.

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