Children Route Applications Under the Immigration Rules : Part 8 Of The Rules Largely Preserved

Persons settled in the UK  may  have come  here under various  categories  of the  immigration rules(or even illegally) and subsequently obtained settled status or  become British citizens.  Prior to their arrival to the UK, they  may have  left children  in their  country of  origin, with such  children resident  abroad  but still under the age of 18years.  Upon the  parent acquiring settled status,   the expected course of action is  to  submit an application  for entry clearance  to enable    the child’s entry to the  UK.

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FEMALE GENITAL MUTILATION: How difficult is it to obtain Refugee Protection in the UK?

Women and children claiming asylum in the United Kingdom who fear return to their countries of origin on the basis that they will be subjected to Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) may be a member of a particular social group for the purposes of the 1951 Refugee Convention.

Read more on what the UK government’s stance on the practice and how it is dealt with where an asylum seeker raises the convention reason.

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DEPORTATION: Inter- Relationship between family and immigration proceedings affecting the best interests of the children

A mother or father subject to deportation proceedings may be caught up in a dilemma where they have a pending appeal in the immigration Tribunal either imminently to be heard or being heard whilst an application is pending in the family courts in relation to access to a child residing in the UK who is either a British citizen or has leave to remain. The question is whether to request an adjournment or proceed with the appeal without knowing the final decision of the family courts as regards their view where the best interests of the child lies.

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