Home Office Application Fees and Tribunal Appeal Fees: Avoiding Payment Via Fee Waivers, Exemptions And Remissions

The Home Office  have increasingly  made it so over the years that  applicants intending to  submit  leave to remain applications think twice before doing so in light of   the applicable prohibitive costs involved  in not  only  having to make provision for  the relevant  home office application fees but also  as from April 2015, the NHS Health  Surcharge.  Families seeking to submit human rights applications are most affected  in particular where they have no leave to remain, no source of income  but having  qualifying children for example under the “7year Rule” justifying  submission of a leave application.  Not  only  is the  cost of the home office application fee daunting but there is also the  possibility, where  upon refusal,  that   further   Tribunal  appeal fees may  need to be paid  if  an  in -country right of appeal  is given.

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