Court of Appeal’s Guidance on the Correct Approach to Revocation of Deportation Orders in Appeal Cases

Court-of-AppealWithout some cursory regard to the  raft  of  cases  emanating from the Court of Appeal in the last few months,  the  new decision of the  Court of Appeal in IT (Jamaica) v The Secretary of State for the Home Department [2016] EWCA Civ 932  would be  almost a little too  difficult  to follow.  The larger part of this year has seen the Court of Appeal giving  persistent and reiterated  guidance on the correct  approach  to take in  deportation appeals( in regards to cases such as, CT (Vietnam), LW (Jamaica, BL (Jamaica), JZ (Zambia), Suckoo).  In the last  three months, the Court of Appeal  turned its focus on considerations regarding the  interplay between Sections 117A  to 117D of the 2002 Act  and  paragraphs 399 and 399A of the  Immigration Rules(  in reference to  cases such as Kamara , Rhuppiah, NA (Pakistan), MM (Uganda). We now have the case of IT (Jamaica), seeing the Court of Appeal considering paragraphs 390 to 392 of the  Immigration Rules,  providing  guidance on the approach to take in revocation  of deportation  order cases, drawing  the threads  together as regards their earlier judgements  and clearly at pains in seeking to remain consistent and faithful to those  decisions.

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