Why are more immigration and asylum solicitors/ practitioners not blogging in their own personal capacity?

Some immigration clients, prior to  seeking to instruct,  are now  increasingly independently undertaking research  either in relation to  a particular firm or  specific  individual profiles. From speaking to  immigration  clients I have formally  taken on who have visited my blog,  it is  evident that  they could only have come across the blog   after having  themselves sought  to  gain some  prior understanding of  the law potentially  affecting their particular position.  It thus  seems  surprising that  currently, not many individual  immigration solicitors/legal advisers are undertaking  legal blogging in their own right.  Apart from having a genuine  enjoyment in  blogging and seeking to gain a better understanding of the law and  subsequently also sharing it,   the results of persistent  blogging   correspondingly  can be  the start of  or give rise to  an increase  in numbers of queries from potential immigration clients.

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