A Government’s onslaught on refugees: Safe return reviews, cessation, exclusion, and revocation

Prior to 9 March 2017,  the general  view certainly was that, Home Office practice (subject to some exceptions), was to routinely grant settlement to  refugees  who had  completed the 5year probationary period.  On  9 March 2017,  the Home Office however published updated  Guidance, Refugee Leave  dated  2 March 2017, firmly indicating  that,  “All those who apply for settlement protection after completing the appropriate probationary period of limited leave will be subject to a safe return review with reference to the country situation at the date the application is considered”.


Not only that but that  refugees can  be subject to the  review procedure at any  juncture whilst holding  refugee status, “ A person’s case may also be reviewed at any point in the process either when triggered by their actions, for example, they are convicted of a serious crime, or in light of a significant and non-temporary change in conditions in their country of origin such that they no longer need protection”.



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