Foreign Criminal: Court of Appeal Finds Very Significant Obstacles To Integration in Country of Return

The newly notified case of Secretary of State for the Home Department v Kamara [2016] EWCA Civ 813, shows  that sometimes the Secretary of State does not always get  what she wants: ie  churning out of permission applications in deportation appeal  cases with the sole purpose of  convincing  the Upper Tribunal or Court of Appeal  to overturn an allowed deportation appeal.


The Court of Appeal in Kamara made it clear that contrary to the Secretary of State’s  submissions, the case in truth  did not raise important points of principle, however   in a short and to the point judgement has made  important  clarifications  in relation to  the phrase, there would be very significant obstacles to his integration into the country to which it is proposed he is deported”, which appears in Paragraph 399A of the Immigration Rules and Section 117C(4) of the  2002 Act.


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