Zimbabwean Asylum Claimants And The New Political Movement: Are The Home Office & Tribunal “Getting it” ?

Social mediaThere clearly is a new protest political  movement emerging   in Zimbabwe  being  propelled substantially  by  social media. Where this
continues  in the long term ( if not  suppressed ),  and where  claimants associated with such movements seek protection in the UK,  then   current rigid   UK  asylum country  guidance caselaw, CM (EM country guidance; disclosure) Zimbabwe CG [2013] UKUT 59 (IAC),   becomes increasingly  redundant.


The current question  is whether the  Home Office together with the Tribunal understand the true nature and extent of the new  movement and how it impacts  upon  claimant’s  cases upon application or appeal.  Simply put, are they “getting it ”?   If not and where the guidance in CM obscures  consideration of claims from persons associated with such movements, then there is an inevitable adverse  impact  upon considerations of  risk on return   and  entitlement to protection for affected claimants.


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