Migrant Zimbabwe: Launch of a Brand New Blog!

Migrant Zimbabwe, a brand new blog  has been launched!


The blog is an off shoot from the recent flurry of posts  on this site surrounding the situation in Zimbabwe, the continuing violations of human rights  and impact of such events  upon  the thousands of undocumented Zimbabweans living in the UK.


The new blog will be a hotpot of sorts, inviting  the reader ‘s contribution to the site.


Go on, take a minute or two and visit the new site!

Liability to administrative removal, RED Notices, removal windows and injunctions: Your frequently asked questions answered

The following heads of consideration are raised in detail below:


  • Liability to non- EEA Administrative Removal

  • Notice of liability to Administrative Removal- RED Notices

  • Judicial Review

  • Notices of removal

  • Removal- the Notice Periods

  • Deferral of Notice Periods

  • Deferral of Removal

  • Injunctions

  • Rule 39 Indications from the European Court of Human Rights

  • Relevant Home Office policy Guidance


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What you need to know about the varying levels of mandatory re-entry bans

People seeking to come to the UK may be refused entry because they are the subject of a one year, 2 year, 5 year or 10 year re-entry ban.


People may be the subject of a re-entry ban where they have previously breached the UK’s immigration laws by:


  • overstaying

  • breaching a condition attached to their leave

  • being an illegal entrant,

  • using deception in an application for entry clearance, leave to enter or remain (whether successful or not)

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Is Mnangagwa’s New  Government paving the way for  UK mass removals of failed Zimbabwean Asylum Claimants ?

Three months.  That is  the amount of time the UK Government  gave  undocumented Zimbabweans before broaching  the subject of enforcing their return  following Mugabe’s ouster on 21 November 2017.  Time to come down from the  lingering  false high induced  by Mugabe’ s departure, back to a crashing reality and forlorn acceptance  that,  “Hapana zvambochinja muZimbabwe”, ie nothing much has changed in Zimbabwe.

Apparently, it has been reported by various Zimbabwean media outlets on 13 February 2018, that one of Zimbabwe’s Vice Presidents,  Kembo Mohadi met  with the British Ambassador to Zimbabwe, Ms Catriona Lang in Harare. An interesting array of  subjects came up for discussion,  however the one  that has made the headlines is an announcement by the British  Government of its intention  to  repatriate some 2500 undocumented Zimbabweans  residing  in the UK.  It has been  reported that  the Vice President   told journalists after the meeting that,  “ Zimbabwean has no problems receiving its nationals back but would want them vetted  to ensure  they are genuine  Zimbabweans before taking them back”. 


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