Undocumented Zimbabwean left in legal limbo by the Home Office? You may be eligible to apply for leave to remain


Due to the instability which prevailed in Zimbabwe, there was for a good number of years no enforced removals from the UK to that country, resulting in many affected Zimbabwean nationals accruing lengthy residence in the UK, whilst subject to temporary admission.

Such affected persons, whilst here for substantial periods, do not yet fulfil the requirements of the 20year Rule but are still required to report regularly, with some experiencing harsh conditions, unable to work or access medical treatment.

Caselaw has potential impact upon such undocumented  Zimbabwean nationals who have been left in legal limbo by the Home Office over a significant period of time.

If the answer to the following questions is yes, you may be in a position to start considering  advancing an appropriate case for a grant of leave to remain:

  • have you been in the United Kingdom for a substantial number of years?
  • were you previously on Temporary Admission during your stay in the UK?
  • are you now subject to Immigration Bail?
  • have you been reporting to the Home Office?

The previous UK policy of non- removals to Zimbabwe is just one aspect for consideration: there are several other factors which apply depending on the circumstances of each case.

Where you wish to discuss your potential eligibility to apply for leave to remain, call or email Alice Muzira of AurexLegal Solicitors:

  • Telephone: 07940772506
  • Email: alice.muzira@aurexlegal.co.uk

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